Heavy heart apples
HYSTERIA (don´t panic)
Pinja Valja: Kuvas seuraa mun matkallain
Heavy heart apples
Heavy heart apples

A video performance investigating the complex yet possible relationship between loss and hope.

Premiere in October 2015 at Metsä2-installation, Aleksanterinkatu 13

Director: Anna Rosendahl

Camera: Emma Suominen

Woman: Lilli Aro

Musics: Ulla Varis

Live musics by Ulla Varis, Pauliina Palo and Anna Rosendahl



HYSTERIA (don´t panic)
HYSTERIA (don´t panic)

Workinprogress-teoksessa tutkitaan kuvan ja liikkeen kautta katsojan ja katsottavan valtasuhdetta.      

I´m watching you.


Ohjaus ja leikkaus: Anna Rosendahl

Kuvaus: Emma Suominen

Esiintyjä: Iina Ahola

Musiikki: Cold Pupu Sauna: Heartbeat in the brain

Special thanks: Pinja Valja 


Teoksen kesto: noin 6min.

Urban Apa-festivaali, Ateneum 6.-11.10.2015

Pinja Valja: Kuvas seuraa mun matkallain
Pinja Valja: Kuvas seuraa mun matkallain

Kuvas seuraa mun matkallain (The image of you will follow me) is a short fictional film about a break-up. It is presented in the exhibition as an installation.
Lilja and Laura have broken up. To understand better what has happened and why, Lilja wants to discuss the relationship and break-up with Laura. Through flashbacks the conversation drifts from the relationship to the nature of memory and reality.

Director: Pinja Valja

Cameras: Mikko Levoska

Costumes and set design: Anna Rosendahl

Actors: Evelin Kask and Eeva Astala


Opening at 18.11.2015. Exhibition open 19.11.-29.11.2015 Tue-Sun 12 am-5pm at FISH gallery, Alppikatu 17

The film has been supported by AVEK.

Love & Revolution with Miriam Makeba

Love and revolution with Miriam Makeba

Based on a performance Love and revolution with Miriam Makeba. 
The powerful and enduring relationship between the exiled daughter of South Africa, Miriam ‘Zenzi’ Makeba and the militant Black Panther leader Kwame Toure (Stokely Carmichael). Set in the 60’s, amidst the volatile political climate, both in South Africa and America, together, these lovers fight the good fight for their love for each other and for their people.

Script: Mukoma wa Ngugi, Amkelwa Mbekeni, Wanjiku wa Ngugi
Director: Anna Rosendahl
Cast: Emilia Neuvonen, Jesse Markin, Pauliina Palo, Ulla Varis and Imose Iduozee
Sound design: Totte Rautiainen
Video design: Saara Kanerva Tamminen
Vocal coaching: Ulla Varis
Light design: Valtteri Mastola
Costume design: Liz Ndegwa
Properties: Sofia Palillo and Anna Rosendahl
Production: Helsinki African Film Festival (HAFF)
Language: English
Duration: about 60 mins

The trailer
Filming, editing, music and sound design: Totte Rautiainen
Filming in the performances: Juha Haapala and Uwa Iduozee